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As affiliate marketers you need to find affiliate programs to join. You can either join independent programs or affiliate networks there are many factors to consider to make that decision. When it comes to affiliate networks there are many and its good to have a clear picture of which ones most affiliates join is one of the big guns in terms of affiliate networks. It sells tangible products such as books and computers. It is said to have the largest pay per performance affiliate network on the internet.

There is click which specializes in digital products only such as e-books, software. What I like about click bank is that commissions to affiliate marketers are paid out ever two weeks. However the downside is that they only send payments by check. is another popular affiliate network. It sells tangible products as well as digital services such as hosting. The advantage is that it makes payments to affiliates by both check and direct deposit. It gives affiliates more choice. is pretty popular as well they also sell only digital products like click bank. It has a number of differences from click bank. Commissions are paid out per month not ever two weeks like click bank and payment is through pay pal and not check. They also have an email feature which click bank does not have. The product owners can send emails to affiliates whether individually or all together in a mass email.

There are many other affiliate networks but these are the most popular and biggest networks out there. The following are some other networks that you can also look at. There is which has a more open relationship between affiliates and merchants as compared to the other networks which are more controlling of the relationship. There is also which is a more technologically inclined affiliate network it puts a lot of emphasis on technological issues through things like naked technology which provides merchants with a direct linking method. For more information on that just go to the website for detailed information. Other networks I will list in passing. There is sharea,, and

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