Internet Article Marketing – Why Is It Better? Here’s The Simple Mathematics

Are you trying to make money online? Whether you have products of your own, or you are trying to make money selling affiliate products, article marketing is a sure way to drive targeted traffic to your site. It's simple really, the more articles that you write, the more traffic you are going to get. We know that article marketing's natural selective process prequalifies your prospects. The prospect is qualified, simply because as they choose to progress toward your site, each step indicates an increase in their level of interest.

There is a limited number of ways that a person can come across your article. One, they could just stumble across it by chance. Two, they could find your article listed on a page of a search engine. Three, they could be sent or directed to the article by an ezine or RSS (Real Simple Syndication): some type of subscription or update notification.

Regardless of how they come across the article, it requires some level of choice to read the article, and even more if they finish reading the article. Let's call this qualification number one. They say that of the people who read the article, one to three percent chooses to click the link and visit the website or blog. We'll call this qualification level number two.

After going through the information on your site, this is qualification number three; five to 15 percent of these visitors will make a purchase if you have a decent sales letter and follow up system. This is much better than the one to five percent of people that buy after arriving at your site being lead by some other form of marketing. Thus the reason that article marketing is considered one of the most effective forms of marketing on the Internet.

Source by Dan Iverson

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