How To Use Article Marketing To Benefit Your Business

If you love to write, then you're one step further to using article marketing to benefit you and your business. Pick a topic you need to learn more about or one that you are interested in. Do the required research, and make it into a resourceful article.

Write articles that relate to your business. Also, concentrate on topics that you know people will be searching for. Use specific keywords in your articles so the search engines will find them...thus, resulting in finding your business.

The following steps will guide you through the article marketing process...

1. Find ideas for your articles. This can be accomplished in a number of ways.

* Participate in business message forums

* Participate in chat rooms

* Join discussion groups

* Blog

* Subscribe to ezines

Ask questions, read, and learn. The result will lead you to some innovative article ideas.

You can also get ideas from actually reading other articles. You should never copy content from another person's article...but rather, come up with an unusual twist or angle and make it your own.

2. When you have a topic for an article, give it a title and start writing it. If you are not an expert on the subject, you will need to do some research. Keep in mind WHY you are writing the article. You should be writing articles that are geared toward getting traffic to your website or business. Make them interesting and resourceful...making the reader WANT to visit your site.

3. Once you have written your article and have checked it for errors, you will need to start submitting it to various message forums and article directories. Try to choose directories with a high page rank. The ones with higher page ranks will have more importance with the search engines.

4. Always include your resource box at the end of your written article. This will include for example: your name and a link to your website or business. When people read your article you will have your link right there for them to click on and visit. Website owners are always searching for content for their websites. They often search in article directories. When they download your article, they also download your resource box. The more articles you write and submit to directories...the more links you will have directing people to your business.

Articles are one of the most effective marketing tools on the Internet today. Use it and benefit from it. Don't be afraid of it. Write about what you know, and keep writing, and success will follow.

Source by Tammy Embrich

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