Increase Your Affiliate Traffic With Article Marketing

The first step to effective article marketing is keyword research and more research. You should already have a list of keywords which if you have done your research rank highly, and provide just enough competition for your niche. This is the most important step, skip it and you efforts are in vain get it right and you will create an affiliate traffic tornado heading straight to your website or blog.

When you write niche related articles you are getting not only the targeted traffic of the reader but also organic traffic which is due in part to the quality back links that your articles get you. Here are a few simple tips that will help your articles be all they can be.

Write at least 3 to 7 articles a week and submit them to the major article directories. Make your articles around 250 to 500 words, this provides a nice size article but still small enough to knock out several in a day if your so inclined.

Also you can post your articles on your own blog or website. You can also offer them as free content to other bloggers, this will also get you backlinks and spread your content over the web.

This is truly a numbers game, the more you write and submit the more links your site will get and the closer you will get to that affiliate traffic tornado. You must also remember to write for people first and search engines second, write well optimized articles but ensure the fact that they make sense and are well written.

Source by Byron Cole Smith

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