The Bum Marketing Method

Bum marketing is something that you probably have heard of. It is the idea that even if you have little money, if any, then you can create income almost out of thin air.

Now with most get rich schemes you find that there is some liberal use of promotional words, but here this is one where you can actually do what they say you can do.

So lets find out what bum marketing is actually about.

In reality it is article marketing. Or using articles to drive people to your website where they will do something that you want them to do.

That is bum marketing in a nut shell.

The method?

1) Find appropriate keywords.

These have quite a few searches but also have little in the way of competition, but also have people looking for something to buy. So "pets" is a poor keyword but "ceramic dog bowels" is a bit better.

2) Make sure that you find someone (or yourself) that can sell the solution to your keyword. So an affiliate offer, a newsletter etc.

3) Create articles directly around that keyword. Now when I mean direct, I mean direct. The closer your articles are regarding the keywords the better the chance that they will want what you have to offer.

4) Create a resource box that tries to offer what the article is offering. Most article websites do not allow direct affiliate links so you will need a landing page for people to go to and then read another compelling reason why your resource box is appropriate for them.

So for example. In your first article you could talk about why ceramic dog bowels are superior. And then the resource box will state that you have Vet recommended ceramic dog bowels and directs people to the appropriate page.

5) You then repeat the process for different article directories or increase the amount of articles to one prominent one.

The system works like drip feeding small amounts of traffic per article which when added up allows you to have a larger general source of traffic.

But does this method work?

When it first came out it did. When people started to realize that the method worked they then tried to accelerate all aspects of the process. The quality of articles decreased and the amount of spam and spun articles increased.

People were then put off by similar looking and uninformative articles. Which in reality was really inevitable.

So now we have a marketing model which did work, and will work if done right.

The issue is not really with the title, description or even the resource box within the article. It is to do with the article itself. They are constructed so that they do not presell the reader into wanting what you have described in the resource box.

Article writing is not just writing an article. You have to construct one and when people give themselves a 400 word limit it actually limits the content and then their message. So the article looks rushed and a mess.

Proper article construction is actually an advanced form of bum marketing because not that many people want to put the effort into article construction so really you have a much better chance of having a higher CTR and % conversion from visitors to paying customers.

Check out my resource box for completely free advanced bum marketing techniques.

Source by Dominic Hough

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