Article Marketing – 2 Powerful Article Marketing Methods to Drive Traffic to Your Site

Once you have created your website and are ready to promote your products or services it is important that you understand what article marketing can do in creating traffic to your site.

Yes, there are other very effective methods you can use online to generate traffic such as sponsored advertising, PPC or run your own advertising campaign on your site. However article marketing by far is so much more effective and great for producing highly targeted traffic to your site.

The two methods in which articles drives traffic to your site include:

- When you submit articles to the various directories these directories will publish your articles on the first few pages of the search results which in turn will drive traffic to your site. When writing your articles it is important that they contain highly effective keywords, text anchor links directly to your site and a call to action. With everything in place you will find that within a short period of time your articles will appear in the top ten results of the bigger search engines such as Google, Yahoo or MSN.

- The second method of driving traffic to your site with article marketing is when you create an article and submit it to as many directories as you can. This method focuses on building back links and if you include a link to a web page on your own site you can quickly build up the number of back links you have. In turn Google or the other search engines will rank you amongst the very top for your particular keyword.

Combining both methods will produce great traffic levels which will in turn help you to promote your product or services effectively.

Source by Janet B Cole

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