Article Writing For Marketing – 5 Hot Tips To Use Content For Marketing Effectively

As a web business owner, you need to understand the way search engines see your website content and the manner in which your target customers search for relevant content you provide for them pertaining to your product or service.

The web sphere is a highly competitive space that thrives on regularly posted original content that doesn't sacrifice quality. Therefore you need to study search analytics of your target customers for determining content that is in huge demand.

However if your internet marketing budget is low, you can effectively apply content writing and article marketing using posting to top article directories for generating tons of quality traffic to your website at a fraction of the price of web traffic increasing software.

Here's how:

Tip 1 - Study search trends of your customers

According to the CEO of a hugely traffic driven website,, which focuses on creating a variety of campaigns for increasing visitor's social media engagement, nearly 15.9 billion searches are conducted each month, of which a small but significant number could be customers looking for your business!

Even if they are looking for your competitors, knowing who they are and the keywords they used to search can help you devise a marketing campaign using article writing for directing them to your site using these very same phrases! Google algorithms provide a great source for understanding visitor behavior and search trends - study these or a similar web tool for deeper insights into your target customer search styles and designing the best article writing for marketing campaign.

Tip 2 - Take a holistic view of your article marketing budget

When starting your article marketing campaign, it pays to think holistically about your article-writing budget so choose an affordable writer. Determine what you are willing to spend per customer based on what you would make per sale and you can judge what part of this amount is worth spending on your writer who is your silent sales person.

However, going for keyword stuffing and low rates for articles will not provide desired results or else business would have been booming. A reasonable rate for content based marketing programs can help you acquire good writers, gain customers by offering them reader friendly, useful content and help you improve business faster than complex and expensive pay per click programs.

Tip 3 - Make the most of your website data by re slanting key phrases in your article marketing

Good content creation means your writer should be able to target key phrases in your website's content that can be naturally integrated into your article marketing campaign so that it highlights your brand, creates demand for your website and makes article marketing worthwhile.

Thus, lots of articles based around generic and specific keyword terms that best describe your website content, created at affordable prices and posted to the top article directories will generate better results in targeted article marketing than just a few costly articles spread unevenly through new article directories that are yet to get a high PR.

Tip 4 - Ensure fresh content about your website is regularly posted on a large scale

Use article marketing effectively to ensure top ranking in search engine results by timing your article posting on top article directories at regular intervals, say 5-7 articles daily so you have at least a 1,000 posts on your website's most relevant topics, across 3 months.

Imagine your competitor with only 5 or 10 posts combined with a complicated new and expensive traffic boosting program and your own 500 posts on a topic that captures continual customer attention at less than $2500!

Tip 5 - Hire a professional article writer who can deliver demand-driven content relevant to your business

Content that your customers are looking, based on the search analysis of their behavior delivered by a professional article writer ensures there is a constant influx of original content that is demand-driven.

To increase website traffic and have unique visitors convert into sales, your website content and articles for promotion needs to stand out in this fiercely competitive industry where major players can afford expensive web traffic generation strategies, including buying hundreds of dollars worth of software programs for driving targeted traffic.

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