How To Write For Article Marketing – Bum Marketing Tips

The first thing you want to do for your bum marketing/ article marketing campaign is pick a product or site to promote. You can do that through several affiliate sites online, or if you already have a website, you can use that.

Once you have your product, you want to do some keyword research, there are many tools available online to help you choose the best keywords for your product. What you really want to find are keywords or phrases that are searched often, but show few results. You should also add quotes to your keywords to see what the results for true competition is. You will know when you have a good keyword because you will see it has been searched several times, often over 500 a month is good, and there will be fewer than 10,000 true competing site results.

The next step in bum marketing is to research. Again there is a lot of help with this online, you can use other people's articles to learn what you need to know to write (be careful not to plagiarize though), as well as online dictionaries, encyclopedias, websites that are about your product, etcetera. Using your own knowledge will be helpful too if you already know a lot about your topic. Also make sure you have the keywords in your title.

Ok, so let's go over what we have so far:

Pick a Product

Keyword Research

Topic Research

The next thing to do would to be write your article, and for bum marketing/ article marketing, you are going to want to submit it to a highly trafficked article directory. Before you submit however you will be able to write in a bio box. This is the only place you can link to your website, or promote a product, though in some you can not use affiliate links, so you need a presell page to link to, such as a blog.

This however should get you started with your bum marketing or article marketing, whichever you want to call it.

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