How Article Marketing Can Give You Free Traffic Boost for Years to Come

Most of internet marketers especially newbie always struggle in acquiring traffic to their site. Some of them believe that in acquiring traffic, they need to spend money and pay for unique services which are definitely untrue. However, there are various ways that can be done in getting free traffic to a website or blog.

One of the famous ways to gain free traffic is by creating articles related to niche that you are in and submitting it to multiple article directories available online. First you need to make research on keyword you want to target. The keyword should be high number of searchers with low number of competition. Long tail keyword is highly recommended.

After the keywords have been identified, you need to draft an outline of the overall content. Start with some introduction, fill in with ideas and tips for the body, and create and interesting ending. Then you start writing complete articles from the outline and make it interesting for the reader. You also need to ensure that the keywords are well disseminated in the article.

An important thing to remember when writing an article, don't use too many keywords in the content. Ezine editors will treat this as keyword spamming which will result in rejection of articles. Try to include related keyword in the content and make it interesting to the reader.

The best and important part when writing articles to get traffic is definitely a resource box. The resource box is where you can place links pointing to your website. Here you must create an interesting call to action which can make readers eager to click on your link. This is mandatory if you want to get maximum click to your site.

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