Failed Article Marketing – Strategies On How To Fail!

How do you fail at article marketing? It's so simple that even you can do it! I'm serious! It really is. People fail at article marketing all the time, and if you just follow these sure to fail article marketing strategies, I am sure that you will not succeed at article marketing! I promise!

How to fail at article marketing:

  • Just write 1-10 articles. This is the best way to fail. The more articles that you write, the more that you succeed. So just write 10 articles, and you should fail. No one will really see your articles because they'll usually be on the 20th+ page of search engines. No one actually goes all the way up to page 20! So only write 1-10 articles.
  • Don't put quality into your articles content. The less quality you put into your content, the worse that your viewers will think of you. They will not click on your link and you will not get any traffic. This is a powerful way to lose traffic!
  • When you write an article that's more than 600 words, people will dislike it! They will dislike your article and not even bother to read the whole thing. And if you want people to click out of your article even more quickly, don't write paragraphs or bullets. Articles without these tend to get fewer amounts of views or few URL clicks.
  • Make your resource box long and filled with more than one link. Resource boxes with more than one link makes them look like a spammer and no one clicks spam mail. If you make your resource box long, the fewer your chances are of getting your readers to click on your article.
  • Choose the keywords with the fewest amount of search volume. These have no advertiser competition, so it would be easy to dominate these keywords even though anyone rarely searches for them.

Follow these simple steps and you will fail faster at article marketing! I guarantee it.

Source by Matthew Jon Castro

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