The Neuropathy Solution Solves Your Peripherhal Neuropathy Pain

Product Name: The Neuropathy Solution Solves Your Peripherhal Neuropathy Pain

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"With your recommendations I can honestly say that since beginning your program, I am making very noticeable improvements. The pain in my legs is far less severe than it used to be. I’ve been able to resume typing at the computer with my fingers, and sleep through the night now. Typing at the computer was really just killing me. And I don’t wake up now with that stabbing feeling, you know, that I have in my feet. So the symptoms have really fallen off, and I’m thrilled and encouraged by the progress and the relief I’ve been experiencing. Really, I’m anxiously sharing your program with other people that I have met that have been affected by PN. I’m excited about it. I really wish that I had found your program earlier because I have suffered from this for years and years. There you go, that’s it. I wanted to send you this video today to thank you for that, and I will be in touch with you again soon, I’m sure. Thank you."

Durham, NC

That said, The Neuropathy Solution has been refined, enhanced, and further simplified in the years since I assembled the various core techniques I would use to completely and permanently treat my own case of peripheral neuropathy.  In fact, the 6-step program as it exists now can be started today in the comfort of your own home, and it is faster-acting and more effective than ever before! Here are some of the features and benefits you can expect from the Neuropathy Solution:

Highly Effective

Results often begin immediately! Usually within minutes of employing the various steps outlined in the Neuropathy Solution guide - and oftentimes even faster.

Your neuropathy gets better and better each day as the steps in my Neuropathy Solution are repeated.

The healing, pain-reliving effects of the 6 simple steps continue to work all throughout day, long after you have completed them.

Marvel as the Neuropathy Solution gently soothes your irritated nerves and wakes up your numb, sleepy legs, feet and hands.

Several of the steps contained with the Neuropathy Solution also cause your brain to release powerful endorphins which counteract pain and help you sleep soundly and productively at night.

In Step 1 of my treatment program alone, I’ll detail for you the simple, little-known stimulating technique proven by university research to immediately relieve pain in as many as 96% of neuropathy sufferers. Imagine feeling better instantly! And this technique is as pleasurable as it is fast and easy.

The Neuropathy Solution will also show you how to easily begin eliminating not only numbness, but ALL the various types of pain and discomfort commonly associated with peripheral neuropathy, from tingling, prickling, burning, stabbing, shooting, numbness, loss of equilibrium and balance issues, and so on. Incidentally, most prescription drugs only target one symptom or group of symptoms, lending you only partial relief. And all at enormous risk.

The Neuropathy Solution does NOT endorse the use of prescription drugs, and does NOT include them. The Neuropathy Solution is vastly more effective than drugs will ever be because it targets and corrects the root cause of your Neuropathy with a series of techniques that work in natural harmony with your body’s own healing abilities and restorative functions.

My Neuropathy Solution is designed to help you treat your Neuropathy, not merely mask the symptoms like so many other treatment protocols which endanger your health and wellbeing with all kinds of other potentially horrific secondary effects.

Your particular case of Peripheral Neuropathy qualifies for the Neuropathy Solution. Regardless of what you’ve been told is the underlying cause of your Peripheral Neuropathy, my Neuropathy Solution will almost assuredly work for you! Put it to the test now. You have nothing to lose.

Rehabilitate and restore the damaged peripheral nerve synapses that are sending aberrant pain signals to your brain. In neuropathy sufferers, synaptic nerve endings such as the ones pictured in the “Before” picture below are often shriveled, shrunken and withdrawing from each other. This damaged state cues the brain to experience the various excruciating sensations Neuropathy sufferers know so well.

Despite what many unknowing doctors will tell you, this damage is very rarely permanent and can in fact often be repaired as pictured in the "After" Image. I’ll show exactly how you can do this, in step-by-step fashion all on your own, through the simple yet precise steps in my Neuropathy Solution.


I can personally attest to the power of The Neuropathy Solution. It WORKS!  Without it, I would likely still be suffering from the horrible pain and discomfort of Peripheral Neuropathy even after all these years.

This simple 6-step program has been successfully used by many, many people like you who can now happily claim themselves to be "former neuropathy sufferers". You could be the next one!

The Neuropathy Solution is trusted, recommended by, and even used by many of the sharpest-thinking neuropathy treatment innovators and researchers. My Solution program really is no-brainer, however.  You don't have to have a PhD to understand that it is worth trying rather than living another day with the pain.

The Neuropathy Solution is regularly distributed by companies and organizations that create products and services uniquely-designed for peripheral neuropathy sufferers.  These groups want to be successful, just like you, and thus encourage the users of their products and services to follow the Neuropathy Solution concurrently as a way of hedging their bets.

The Neuropathy Solution is also now recommended by many mainstream doctors, most often as a result of the dramatic success stories of their patients who chose to give The Neuropathy Solution a try rather than follow the doctor's original advice (which was likely an off-label prescription for powerful drugs). Think about how great it would be to go in and tell your Doctor that your neuropathy was gone thanks to a Solution that you found and followed on your own!


I can't emphasis this point enough: there are no drugs in The Neuropathy Solution.  While I can certainly understand the rationale for drug use (what PN sufferer doesn't want to feel even a little better?), if you are currently on prescription drugs for neuropathy, please give some thought to how good it would feel to be free of the side-effects, the uncertainty, and the cost?  Fortunately, you can still use and benefit from The Neuropathy Solution even if you are currently following a doctor-prescribed drug regimen.  Follow the steps, enjoy the amazing results, and prepare for the day when you'll no longer have any need for medications.

No surgery!  I can understand the rationale for choosing this option, too, particularly when you've come to the "end of your rope" with your neuropathy condition and have not found the inspiring, hope-granting Solution I am presenting to you here.  That said, if you are close to choosing a dangerous surgical procedure for PN, I implore you to give The Neuropathy Solution a try beforehand.   

No side effects whatsoever!  You no longer have to suffer through Hellish side effects of prescription meds such as Gabapentin, Neurontin, Cymbalta and Lyrica. The Neuropathy Solution relies on 6 absolutely safe treatment steps that aid your body's God-given ability to thwart pain and heal naturally.

Don't mistake The Neuropathy Solution for some far out, hit-n-miss alternative remedy or iffy, faith-healing cure.  The treatments within my Neuropathy Solution program have been designed and tested by some of the top scientists, researchers, doctors, and medical innovators in the world.  There is nothing intangible here.  The Neuropathy Solution is a real protocol that relies on bona fide treatment techniques.

The Neuropathy Solution is not painful or dangerous in any way. In fact, most users find the treatment steps enjoyable and even pleasure-inducing!

Fast & Permanent

The Neuropathy Solution works at the source of your neuropathy pain and discomfort to correct degenerating and damaged nerves.  Once you are satisfied with your level of healing through following the 6 treatment steps, you will likely never have to worry about your neuropathy again and no longer have a need for my Neuropathy Solution program.  Of course, should you ever experience reoccurring PN symptoms, you'll know exactly what  to do in order to quickly beat them back into submission.

Several of the treatment steps in my 6 step Solution often provide virtually instantaneous pain relief.  You can literally begin feeling a powerful sense of relief just as soon as you implement these steps for the very first time. What's more, the more you practice the steps, the greater the relief becomes and the longer it lasts!

The Neuropathy Solution not only works microscopically to treat your nerve endings, it also address macroscopic needs in your lifestyle that can not only permanently prevent and/or dramatically improve PN, but also prevent and/or improve many other health conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, arthritis, and so many more.  In fact, following The Neuropathy Solution will substantially improve your overall health and wellness, which will seriously benefit you in your battle against any other health condition that may also be affecting you.

For many users, a complete resolution of PN symptoms can be experienced within less than a month's time when following the 6 steps detailed in my Neuropathy Solution. Many notice dramatic results within only days.

Once you have completed the 6 steps the effects continue to work throughout the day.  This means that you can get back to living your life and doing the things that you enjoyed before Peripheral Neuropathy changed everything!

Convenient & Guaranteed

Start the Neuropathy Solution immediately!  You can begin taking charge of healing your neuropathy condition and ending your discomfort within only minutes. Click here if you are ready to get started now.

The Neuropathy Solution is a self-treatment program which you can generally perform at your convenience, at your own pace and within the comfort of your own home!

Because I am a senior whose eyesight and attention span isn't what it used to be, I designed The Neuropathy Solution to be readily accessible and easy to digest.  The main step-by-step guide is straightforward and can be easily read from cover to cover in a single sitting.  It is also richly illustrated with useful photographs and graphics and is published in large, easy-to-read print.

While the Neuropathy Solution unites the major treatment discoveries I made during my own successful battle with PN into 6 simple steps, it is also a very customizable program that allows you to choose and adapt specific personalized elements within certain broad categories to better match your own personal needs and likes.

You can try the Neuropathy Solution program without risk!  I am so confident that it will help you treat your neuropathy pain that the program comes with the most iron-clad, full money-back guarantee that I can offer.  You can read more about the guarantee here, but suffice it to say that you can use my full program, with all the many valuable extras that it comes with (worth hundreds of dollars) and if for any reason you find that it doesn't work for you, I'll send you a fast, full refund, and you can still keep everything!


The more you know about your Peripheral Neuropathy, the better able you will be to beat if for good. The same is of course true for any chronic condition. With The Neuropathy Solution you’ll learn why you have PN, what it takes to manage it, and how to implement and perform the self-treatment procedures that will finally release you from its bondage.

Discover the little-known truths about neuropathy’s vexing & mysterious symptoms, including why they often set in so quickly, and why many of the underlying causes of the condition are still largely misunderstood or unknown by the mainstream of healthcare.

Finally learn what Neuropathy – which literally means disease of the nerves – is, and what it isn’t. So often the first comment I hear back from Neuropathy sufferers who have started my program is how thankful they are that someone finally explained to them in terms that they can fully understand – without all the highfaluting medical jargon that often simply disguises your doctor’s ignorance – what exactly is that’s causing you so much pain and discomfort, and why.

Get to the bottom of why your sensory nerves have become unhealthy, and why they are sending “aberrant” or abnormal signals to your brain, which is interpreting them as various painful or unnatural sensations even though there is seemingly no true or legitimate cause for these feelings.

Learn what it is in particular about diabetes that so often leads to the development of peripheral neuropathy, and what you can do about it today.

Discover the little-known connection between circulatory health and the onset of peripheral neuropathy, and how you can use this knowledge to upend neuropathy’s effects.

It is well known that chemotherapy for cancer often produces peripheral neuropathy, but do you know why? I’ll tell you in the Neuropathy Solution. And more importantly, I’ll explain why the majority of neuropathy cases are intensified in an almost identical way, even though the sufferer has never undergone any kind of chemo.

Find out too, why so many people in their “middle age” years suddenly develop Peripheral Neuropathy even though they are not diabetic or have not undergone chemo, and exactly why these sufferers can expect a very quick, full recovery if they follow the steps of my program.

Similarly, find out why aging so often accelerates the degeneration of the sensory nerves, and the steps you must take to prevent this natural process from either giving you a case of peripheral neuropathy or, if you already have it, from making your neuropathy worse.

You’ll also learn the striking but rarely-considered connection between the common ailment of lower back pain and peripheral neuropathy, and what back pain sufferers can do today to reduce the pain and suffering produced by both conditions.

And this is only a small sampling of what you’ll discover in my Neuropathy Solution program. There’s so much more valuable information contained within, that the only real way to get it to you is through the Neuropathy Solution guide itself. If you are ready now, you can click here to get started with the program without further delay!

Simple yet Comprehensive by Design  

For as complex and excruciating as Peripheral Neuropathy is, the steps you will follow in The Neuropathy Solution Program couldn’t be much simpler or more no-nonsense, and of course they DO NOT involve the powerful and often addictive DRUGS the pharmaceutical industry so badly wants you to believe are the only "solution", or the risky, painful surgical procedures so many turn to in total desperation.

The Neuropathy Solution is the ONLY neuropathy product I know of that rounds up and unites into one, single treatment program the many aspects needed to effectively address ALL the various elements contributing to your neuropathy condition.

For example, in one of my powerful steps, which was inspired by the research of a leading medical innovator, you will literally begin healing the neglected and damaged neuro-pathways that are now prone to a “short-circuiting” type of effect. This dysfunction is the primary cause of the various symptoms of shooting pain, tingling, numbness and other uncomfortable sensations associated with your neuropathy. The precise technique I share with you for accomplishing this is both simple and enjoyable!

In another highly-effective step, inspired by the discoveries of European biomechanical designers, you will help your body more effectively move toxic CO2 and metabolic waste-charged blood back away from the extremities of your arms and legs, where it’s contributing to your Neuropathy pain. Once this toxic blood begins re-circulating it will pass through the heart, liver and lungs where it will be cleaned and re-oxygenated. This step is so simple, and requires nothing more than simply going about your regular daily activities as you always have, but with one small but important modification.

In yet another of my crucial steps, you’ll learn the one simple practice that provided my clinical patients with more dramatic results than they had experienced from any other care previously received for their neuropathy condition. And the positive results this step produces are immediate!

You’ll also find out how to further bolster the efforts of your heart, veins and venous valves in the critical processes of flushing toxic, metabolic-waste-charged blood out of your extremities in yet another simple step. The knowledge underpinning this technique has been relied upon by naturopathic practitioners for generations, and is key to preventing the development of neuropathy in the first place, and can prevent your case from getting progressively worse.

In the step that’s my personal favorite, I’ll show you how to significantly reduce your neuropathy symptoms while enhancing the general health of your peripheral nerves within only a few minutes by practicing one of life’s most pure and pleasurable activities, but with a simple twist.

By addressing inflammation at the cellular level in a another one of my unique steps, inspired by the ongoing marriage of specialized dietary research and high-tech engineering, you will help re-optimize the health of the sick and damaged nerve tissues which are irritated and thereby contributing to your painful symptoms. This key step, too, is easy and pain-free, and involves making delicious additions to your daily diet.

Indeed, when all is said and done, you will come away from my Neuropathy Solution program with an intimate, exacting knowledge of what, when, why & how a neuropathy sufferer must eat, sleep, walk, dress, exercise, supplement, treat, stimulate, and ultimately fully treat their condition once and for all.

Life Transforming

Stop the suffering... Stop the discomfort... Stop the pain.  Once and for all.

Relax and rest without pain or anxiety, and start sleeping like a baby again.

Regain full mobility and balance again.  Walk, run, play, and move without fear of falling.

Get fully back to doing all the satisfying and meaningful things in your life that you love to do.  Get back to doing all the things neuropathy so ruthlessly interrupted.

Finally start feeling like your good ole' self again!

The Neuropathy Solution is the answer you've looking for. Don't put it off.  Don't continue suffering.  Get started by clicking here now!

Real-life testimonials from real people just like you prove that my Neuropathy Solution is uniquely successful: unlike anything else out there. Neuropathy sufferers from the world over have now used my revolutionary 6-step treatment program, and they often contact me to rave about their experiences.  A common comment is that it is the EASIEST, SAFEST, SUREST program available for ending neuropathy pain. Neuropathy can of course be a deeply personal issue for so many reasons, yet when people conquer it with an unparalleled success rate, they're so happy to tell me about it.  See for yourself in the following testimonials:

"The Neuropathy Program has worked miracles for my mother who has diabetic neuropathy and had been suffering from chronic pain. The doctors had nearly given up on her. Only offered her pain-killing drugs and the possibility of amputation in the future. But the program has worked for her, and now, not only is she off the drugs, but her pain has been significantly reduced by at least 70%. So I just wanted to tell her story to others suffering from diabetic neuropathy. Thanks for listening."

Beaumont, TX

" I actually found Dr. Labrum’s Neuropathy treatment, and because he used it himself to cure his own neuropathy, I thought, nothing to lose. I’ll give it a try. When I finally got started with the full program, it was only a matter of days before I felt a difference. Dr. Labrum’s Neuropathy Program is still the only treatment that I’ve received that’s actually done something for me and helped me. I can only say, thank you very much. Good luck"

Canning Vale, Australia

"A I suffered neuropathy in my feet and my hands for so long. And finally I found something that works. And you know, I was kind of skeptical about it at first, being that I tried pretty much everything to end the intense pain. But nothing worked. But this stuff? This stuff works. And it’s totally, totally a winner. I’m very happy with it and it works fast. It’s called Dr. Labrum’s Neuropathy Program."

Chicago, IL

"Hi, I just wanted to leave you quick video message just to let you know I’ve been using the Six Step Neuropathic Program for about five weeks now, and it is definitely brought about an improvement in the neuropathy in my feet. I’ve had numerous tingling and pain in my feet for several years now. I’ve had loads of tests by the doctors, and still no known cause for it. I do have medication that helps with the tingling and the pain, but the Neuropathic Program from Dr. Labrum has improved it so much more it’s actually given me some movement back in my toes for the first time in years. I also feel so much better in general, and I’ve recommended the program to several people that I know. And I just wanted to say thank you for giving me some relief at last."

Coventry, England

"I literally have tried everything else, from mega-doses of vitamins, to homeopathic remedies, I've seen three neurologists, a rheumatologist, 4 primary doctors, two gastroenterologists, etc. I am only 34 years old, and needless to say, it has been a real battle. However, I am finding your treatment program extremely interesting. Thank you for putting this information out there!!! As somebody who fights every day, it's nice to have people in my corner. Thank you again!!!!"

Fullerton, CA

Now, obviously you came here in search of a safe, sure, proven solution for finally ridding yourself of Peripheral Neuropathy once and for all, thereby getting your life back. Am I right? Everyone else who has visited this site today certainly did. And I am sure you see the SENSE in making a small investment for a simple, virtually FAIL-SAFE solution that is GUARANTEED to work without side-effects, without drugs, without surgery or gimmicks or guesswork.  Yes? Of course you would. Realize that Peripheral Neuropathy can and usually does get progressively worse over time, making it harder to eliminate. Thus, the worst thing you can do is to procrastinate. Then don't wait. Take action. TRY MY NEUROPATHY SOLUTION NOW and stop risking even more suffering, discomfort, and further loss of vitality, productivity, and life pleasure.

YES, Dr. Labrum, I AM READY to start The Neuropathy Solution! I understand The Neuropathy Solution Program and FREE BONUS items are a part of a 100% Secure, Fully Confidential Downloadable System that will be immediately available for me in the popular PDF file format to download, consult, and even print from my personal computer and that no physical media will be shipped to me.  I am also aware that my Security, Privacy, and Total Satisfaction are your #1 priority.  Additionally, I understand that my order is covered by a FULL ZERO-RISK GUARANTEE. If ever I am at all dissatisfied I can simply contact you for a full refund!

Let’s look at this honestly one last time. If you are still undecided, please realize that you have nothing to lose by giving my Neuropathy Solution Program a try. I have given you my personal guarantee. If the Program doesn’t work, keep it, and get your money back. It is that simple. Ask yourself what the result of not trying this offer will be? What will you really lose out on if you don’t get started with The Solution Program today? As a former neuropathy sufferer, I implore you not to let this opportunity slip away. Because if it does, it will likely be gone for good.  Research shows that when it comes to the internet, if you move on now you’ll get lost in something else within the next few minutes and likely never again return to this page. Please, don’t endure another restless night where even moving the sheets across your toes can result in excruciating pain. Please, don’t find yourself perpetually playing RX Roulette. Because that’s precisely what Big Pharma wants. Please, don’t find yourself broke and desperately strung out on powerful painkilling drugs that only truly serve to destroy your health over time.  These drugs are also a deadly ticking time bomb if you have children or grandchildren. Please, don’t demonstrate through not acting now that Neuropathy has won!  That you are hopelessly defeated by the pain and discomfort and resolved to suffering for the rest of your days.  Neuropathy is indeed a life destroyer for so many.  But it does not have to be.  You do not have to let it win! As one friend to another, please, make the correct decision now for you future.  If not for yourself, do it for the people you love and care about.  Their lives are equally being affected by the brutality of Peripheral Neuropathy.  If you cannot find it within you to take action for your own personal well-being, then please consider these precious other lives and do not let Neuropathy negatively impact them as well. Okay. Let's do it then! Click the "Start Program Button" in the box above and within mere seconds I will be speaking to you again from within the powerful, positive, uplifting steps of The Neuropathy Solution Program! Until then, congratulate yourself.  You are on your way!  To a new, better life.  A life free of Neuropathy.... I can't wait!  And you shouldn't either! Sincerest regards, Dr. Randall C. Labrum

P.S. Neuropathy sufferer, do something good for yourself! Take this one proactive step towards ending your neuropathy now. Medical Research has proven that the confidence that comes simply from deciding that you’re NOT going to sit back and take it from your oppressive health condition has a powerful, positive, health-boosting effect on your overall wellness. This is the perfect note to being you recover from Peripheral Neuropathy on.  And all it takes is to get The Neuropathy Solution now!

P.P.S. Having been there, the simple fact of the matter is this: The longer you wait to take decisive action in your battle with Peripheral Neuropathy the deeper the condition is likely to dig itself in, thus the longer it will take to get feeling better.  In my experience, many neuropathy sufferers wait too long, to the point where their discouragement and hopelessness is so profound that they simply cannot extract themselves. Sadly, these people are often stuck in this dark, painful abyss (along with the many people who care about them) until the end of their days. How very sad to see a life left desolate by Peripheral Neuropathy. Because it DOES NOT HAVE TO BE THIS WAY!

P.P.P.S. I make no apologies for my rant against the big drug companies. During 35 years of clinical practice I saw countless lives destroyed by side effects, complications, addictions, and health worries well beyond the initial concerns that led patients to begin using prescription meds for their symptoms. Sadly, far and away the most common protocol for treating Peripheral Neuropathy today is to medicate. The doctors who prescribe these meds are well-intending enough, but they are also overwhelmed and generally under-trained. Big Pharma seizes on this lack of training and over-burdening of the medical system to exploit their drugs. If you leave this website today with nothing else, please, please, please, know better than to fall into the trap of relying on prescription medications as your only treatment option. A better solution is staring you in the face right here, right now.

P.P.P.P.S. If you are still deliberating over my Neuropathy Solution simply because of cost, perhaps I can lend you some perspective. If you are living in the U.S. or any other country without fully socialized healthcare, you can expect to contribute a co-payment for any medical attention you receive. In the case of your neuropathy, you will inevitably seek this care out if you haven’t done so already and will be obliged to leave your co-payment behind. Co-payments of course vary, but I can assure you that within only a few medical visits you will have exceeded the amount for which the Neuropathy Solution is currently being offered. And for what? Most neuropathy sufferers report being highly disappointed with their medical visits in general. Most go from doctor to doctor because they just can’t find one who seems to truly understand their condition. And most, if not all, leave with orders for medications, further tests, and specialist opinions which will require additional co-payments. In not a single one of these instances is there a money-back guarantee. Try the Neuropathy Solution first. If it doesn’t work get your money back. You have nothing to lose. But so, so much to gain.

It is time to put an end to the suffering and discomfort. Click here to get started now.

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Click here to get The Neuropathy Solution Solves Your Peripherhal Neuropathy Pain at discounted price while it's still available...

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The Neuropathy Solution Solves Your Peripherhal Neuropathy Pain is backed with a 60 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. If within the first 60 days of receipt you are not satisfied with Wake Up Lean™, you can request a refund by sending an email to the address given inside the product and we will immediately refund your entire purchase price, with no questions asked.

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