Used Motorhomes For Sale at Police Auctions

As you might be aware you can often get some incredibly good deals by purchasing your used motorhome at a police auction. Even though these auctions are called 'Police' auctions you shouldn't get lulled into a sense of false security, there are still many risks involved and you are not guaranteed anything more than the fact that the vehicle will run.

In order to minimize the risk involved with buying at one of these auctions you need to know the value of the vehicle you are trying to buy because bidding can at times become fierce and shoot up to levels higher than the value of the motorhome.

You need to know exactly which sort of motorhome you are looking for. An auction viewing is not the time to be perusing several different classes of motorhome. If you are still at this stage then postpone your buying for a while and hire or borrow a similar model to the one you think you might be buying and get completely clear on what sort of motorhome or RV you really need. The viewing period at the auction will be short and all of the time should be spent checking it out for faults.

Being as there will be little time in which to check over one or more rigs then you should prepare a check list before you set out. Make mechanical checks (good idea to take a mechanic with you), check the water system for leaks, examine the fixtures and fittings and the electrical system.

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